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We've compiled a list of all the frequently asked questions.

Feel free to drop a message if you have any further questions that can't be found here.

How to book?

Please drop us a message via the contact page, WhatsApp or email with the following details:


1. Name

2. Contact number

3. Event date

4. Type of service

5. Time to be ready by (all sessions)

6. Location of makeovers (all sessions)

We will get back to you within 24 hours to confirm our availability.

Upon confirmation, a 50% deposit will be required to secure the booking date.

How long will the makeover take?

Regular makeover | 1.5hours/pax

Bridal makeover | 2.5hours/pax

Groom makeover | 30mins/pax

Style change | 45mins/session

How many makeovers/style change should you get?

You should consider the following key factors before deciding how many style change you need:

1. The number of gowns (To match the styles of each gown, we recommend getting a different look accordingly)


2. Your wedding plan (If your day starts with a gatecrash in the morning and ends with an evening banquet, we recommend getting two fresh makeovers, one in the morning and one in the evening as due to the humid weather of Singapore, and moving from one location to the other, we are likely to perspire a lot throughout the day) 

3. Alternatively, you may opt for the Artist to follow through for touch-ups at $80/hour if you do not think you need a style change.

When will the Trial session be held?

Trials are usually held 1 month prior to the actual day. Trial sessions will take about 3 hours at Artist's location, where a consultation, make-up, and hair demo will be done. More information will be sent upon confirmation of your booking.

Can I get a trial session before confirming my booking?

Yes, you can opt for a trial at $288/session for 1 Makeup & Hairdo. Please refer to our service page for more information on ala carte trials.

What is the difference between a regular & bridal makeover?

A bridal makeover includes detailed makeup applications such as eyelid adjustment, premium individual falsies, intricated and complexed hairdos such as a romantic bun, mermaid braids, etc, which you don't wear on a regular basis.

A regular makeover includes basic makeup and regular hairstyles such as volumizing, curling, and half-updos, which you can wear on a daily basis such as work, interviews, or parties.

Is there a discount if I just want something simple and don't need ampoules or false eyelashes?

Unfortunately, as these are complimentary services, there will be no discounts.

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