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We are firm believers in the adage "skin care first, makeup second, smile always." We have done extensive research and carefully considered the type of products to be used based on each individual's skin type. Prior to each makeover session, a thorough and detailed consultation will be conducted to better understand your skin type, skin concerns, makeup preferences, and personality in order to create the most appropriate makeover for you. 

Bridal Makeovers


The Graceful Bride

1 Makeup & Hairstyling


The Stunning Bride

1 Makeup & Hairstyling

1 Style Change


The Glamorous Bride

2 Makeup & Hairstyling


The Extravagant Bride

2 Makeup & Hairstyling

1 Style Change


Inclusive of:

Premium skin prep | Ampoule | False lashes

Basic eyebrow trimming | Bridal hair accessories | Transport

*Style Change: Change of hairdo + Touch up of makeup



Female Makeover

1 Makeup & Hairstyling


(+5% off 2 pax & above)

(+5% off when taken with bridal packages)

Male Makeover

1 Makeup & Hairstyling


(must be accompanied by another makeover, at the same location)

Ala-carte Makeup

1 Makeup


Ala-carte Hairstyling

1 Hairstyling

$120 (min. 2 pax)

Inclusive of:

Skin prep | False lashes

Basic eyebrow trimming | Transport


Non-bridal makeovers will only be opened for bookings 3 months prior to actual event day; unless accompanied by a bridal package by the same Artist

For enquiries and bookings, please leave us a message


Trial Session

$188 w/ bridal packages

$288 w/o bridal packages

Style Change

1 Style change $200

Follow Through

Touch ups $100/hour

3 Hours $240

5 Hours $350

Early Surcharge

7am $50

5am $80

3am $100

Distance Surcharge

Sentosa / Off Island $50

Public Holiday

Eve/holiday $50

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