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A Self Introduction

Hello there, my name is Fish! I’m glad you stumbled upon my page as I’ll be sharing lots of beauty-related information as well as tips & tricks based on my personal experience. But before we get into that, I'd like to share a little bit about myself, so you can get to know me better!

You’re probably wondering if Fish is my real name? Well, my given name is Xin Yu, and Yu (鱼) is fish in Chinese. Many have been calling me that since I was young, and it grew on me as years went by. In fact, it feels strange when people address me by my real name now.

My journey started back in 2013, when I was exposed to different types of beauty services (make-up, facial, spa massages, mani and pedicures, waxing, etc.) while pursuing a Nitec in Beauty & Wellness. Over time I discovered my passion and aptitude in make-up and enjoyed bringing the best out of people through the beauty of make-up. My interest in make-up drove me to acquire a Diploma in Professional Make-up Artistry from Cosmoprof, where I was taught detailed make-up applications as well as hairstyling.

Upon completion of my professional training, I started my beauty career at YSL Cosmetics, and 4 years passed in a blink of an eye. My talents were quickly recognized, and I began taking up appointments for full makeovers and giving skincare consultations to clients.

With over 4 years of professional make-up experience, I’m constantly challenging myself to learn and grow by taking up classes and workshops with some of the best artists in the industry. I also take pride in stocking my kit with the best products and tools for use with my clients. To find these standout products, I have filtered out the not-so-good

products by putting them to the test (buy, test, and discard the bad ones) so you won’t have to.

This was when I entered a Safari-themed competition in 2015.

In 2016, I took part in a counter-terrorism exercise with the SCDF. Creating special effects make-up for them.

This was during my internship at M.A.C Cosmetics in 2016.

This was during my time at YSL Cosmetics. Spot me!

Let me tell you about my personal life now that you know about my beauty journey. Apart from honing my skills in my spare time, I aim to travel as much as possible. It occasionally aids in the development of my creativity and confidence. Other times, it allows me to unwind and find calm in an otherwise crazy world! Apart from that, I spend the most of my time with my family and friends. I'm also a bit of a mahjong junkie! (There's an old adage that if you play mahjong, you won't get dementia). Aside from cosmetic, I'm also a major collector of perfumes and a big enthusiast of them.

That really sums up my personal existence. Thank you for sticking around and reading this far. My desire to bring the best out of someone is why I’m here, to service all your beauty needs. I once told myself that I wanted to be someone who could bring out the best in people through the use of make-up. This is what I aspired to do, and I am now living my dreams. "Great things never came from comfort zones," is my life motto. And my life's ambition is to bring out your inner beauty, to make you feel beautiful and confident because when you look good, you feel good.

Till the next post,


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